Jenner Renewables is becoming a global reference in the development of renewable energy projects worldwide, within a framework of sustainability and independence.

We provide our investors with the best returns in a stable market environment and a growing sector, which allows for maximizing long term profitability.

Our strategy is built upon two main pillars: first, geographical diversification, as we invest in attractive markets with high growth potential; second, technological diversification, minimising risk. Together, they operate to maximise investment opportunities.

Thanks to technological development and accurate production forecasts, renewable energies have become a source of secure and sound investments in recent years. Most countries recognise this and choose to invest in a sector that not only offers energy security and independence but also plays a pivotal role in the attainment of environmental objectives in the fight against climate change.

Our projects are funded by Denham Capital (www.denhamcapital.com), a "global energy and resources private equity firm" with extensive experience in the sector. Jenner boasts a team of highly experienced professionals and experts in scouting for renewable energy assets. Each member of our board has on average more than fifteen years’ experience in the analysis, development and sale of thousands of renewable energy megawatts.

Jorge Calvet

Chairman & CEO

Jerónimo Camacho

Chief Operating Officer

David Flitterman

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Matthews

Chief Business Development Officer

Carlos Pardo de Vera

Chief Technical Officer

Nicolás Navas

Head Project Finance


Jenner is developing hundreds of megawatts of capacity the world over and, in the course of the next few years, will implement some of the most cutting edge technologies using natural resources.

This contributes to sustainable development on the planet, with renewable power production from native, safe and inexhaustible energy.

Our growth is focused on a global search for the latest technologies with the highest power for sustainable energy production, which is one of the great challenges of our times.

Through our effective and rigorous management, we support innovation and add long term value to our shareholders. We increase profitability by identifying assets in development with good potential to improve in the areas of production, structure and finance.


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In order to manage the impact caused by our activity, our CSR policy aims to:

  • Promote best practice in corporate governance, ranking among our priorities: transparency, ethical management in business, fiscal responsibility where we operate, appropriate risk management, and public record of all relevant data concerning our activity.
  • Create and maintain a fluid and two-way communication with interest groups, getting to know their expectations and meeting them by adapting the business in an effective manner.
  • Implement and ensure the fulfilment of Human Rights as an integral part of Jenner's values.
  • Design a general procurement policy at Jenner developing a supply chain compatible with
  • Promote the health and safety not only of everyone at Jenner but also anyone working on our projects.
  • Stimulate human and professional development of everyone in the team, providing with the necessary means (training, equality plans and social benefits) to enhance initiative, creativity and innovation, along with teamwork skills. At the same time, Jenner will ensure the company's Code of Conduct is known and adhered to by all.
  • Contribute to a better management of environmental and natural resources with efficiency, innovation and efficacy, minimising any negative impact our activity may cause, complying with the policies and procedures established by our environmental management systems.
  • Establish appropriate communication channels for dialoguing with countries' stakeholders, in an effort to cooperate and develop a culture of Socially Responsible and Ethical Management wherever we operate.
  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy may be publicly consulted on - CSR Policy

Ethical Channel

For queries regarding CSR, any interested parties may email Jenner Renewables at canaletico@jenner-renewables.com



  • Adherence to the United Nations Global Compact.
  • Jenner obtained the SGE 21 certification in February 2017.

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